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Jasmine – The Mama Bear Essential Oil Personality

Beautiful flower with a powerful punch

Don’t mess with jasmine, the essential oil that is. Think about how a mama bear protects her cubs. She is very protective, controlling of a situation and nurturing. Jasmine is a night owl. Just as most wild animals come out at night, her scent is at its strongest peak during the night. Connecting the dots, you can see how this would be a good choice for those working the nightshift to help manage the stress on the circadian rhythm.

Jasmine is a beautiful scent. Intoxicating and overwhelming at times, but sensuous, nonetheless. It is heavy, enduring, and has good staying power. It is a middle to base note. As a middle note, when added to base notes, it can blend in more and the scent evens out, or has a twist. When it is added to top and middle notes, it can be overruling and overpowering, thus making it operate as a base note.  It delivers a number of beneficial properties such as antiviral, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-parasitic, aphrodisiac, galactagogue, euphoric and sedative.

Mental support

Most people use scents to make a room smell better, lift mood and combat a physical ailment. When you truly learn about a plants characteristics and  their personality, you can then see their true benefits and power on all levels – mental emotional and physical.  You’ll know how to use essential oils better, so they can rescue you in times of stress.

In Ayurvedic medicine, jasmine is commonly referred to as the “flower of knowledge”.  It has been shown to enhance concentration and alertness. Having euphoric and sedative properties, it can calm a stressful reaction, or overreaction to a situation and help promote a more restful sleep. Since it has a strong scent, one drop will go a long way in any application – aromatic mist, roll-on, lotion, massage oil, bath salt, etc.

This warming and restorative oil possesses powerful antidepressant properties (source), and a noted favorite to combat post-partum depression. In my experience, I’ve seen mom’s have a positive and quick response after just 24-48 hours of having a custom blend with jasmine in it and increasing their amount of essential fatty acid intake (especially GLA’s like borage and evening primrose).

Emotional support

Emotional distress is often hidden behind a happy smile, or secretive demeanor. No one wants to admit that they are struggling with how they feel and how they should handle those feelings. PTSD, for example, may make someone not feel loved, un-nurtured, not being taken care of. They may have experienced one significant traumatic event, or they may be in a continuous abusive relationship. All leads to deep emotional suffering. According to the National Center for PTSD, 7 or 8 people out of 100 will develop PTSD after a traumatic event (source). As our world is changing, and worldwide traumatic events increase, I imagine this number will increase if proper training, assessment and help is not given, and received. One of my go to PTSD recipes is a roll-on that contains –

Physical support

Not only does jasmine pack a powerful punch with mental and emotional health, it is a powerhouse when it comes to certain physical functions. It has been proven to be helpful scent remedy with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and skin traumas. Several scientific studies have shown jasmine to possess vulnerary, or wound healing properties (source). It can help restore skin integrity where there was/is skin trauma and scarring. It can calm nervous tension, muscle stiffness and anxiety induced blood pressure elevation, by warming up the heart and circulatory system.  When circulation is moving, you have flexible movement – in your body, thoughts, problem solving abilities, and emotions.


JasmineStrong Perfume – increasing inner strength and intuition

1.5oz. liquid plant enzymes
.5oz rosewater or hydrsol
7 drops jasmine (jasminum grndifolia; sambac)
2 drops neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara)
4 drops cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
5 drops mandarin (Citrus sinensis)
2 drops davana (Artemisia pallens)


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