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Why are plant enzymes so important in aromatherapy blends?

Why are plant enzymes so important in aromatherapy blends?

What are plant enzymes and how can they help us? On a nutritional level, enzymes break down proteins, fats, carbs, sugars and starches. They are often associated with digestion and gastrointestinal health. Taken with meals (usually in capsule form), they can help you digest your food, to break it down so you can absorb and utilize its nutrients.  Taken in between meals, it can help you break down wastes, food, yeast, candida, parasites, and bacteria that may have been there a while.

In aromatherapy, enzymes can be helpful to help the body “digest” the essential oil via topical and inhalation applications. Further, it can facilitate emotional health to help you digest, absorb, and assimilate a situation, circumstance, emotion, feeling, and thought. You can either open a capsule (of a high-quality, chemical-free enzyme) and add it to the water solution in a spray. Or you can use a preformulated liquid enzyme blend.


How they work?

To elaborate a little more, enzymes break down protein structures. When you think about it, what is made up of protein structures?

  • allergens
  • skin
  • pet dander
  • stains
  • the exoskeleton of insects, fleas and ticks

It is no wonder why you are seeing more advertising and publicity on commercials and print ads about the power of enzymes. They are used in some of the top skin care products to preserve a youthful appearance. Cleaning products demonstrate how enzymes help lift and remove stains from clothes and fabrics. They are incorporated into foods and nutritional drinks.


I remember learning at a seminar with a high-end skin care company, that one of the only places that never ages on your body is…the inside of your mouth. Why? Because it is constantly surrounded by saliva with enzymes in it. Fun fact, right?


For all these reasons, and more, I have incorporated liquid enzymes into my aromatherapy blends for close to 20 years. In my experience, I find it helps drive blends deeper to the core, cellular level to balance imbalances, pain, and discomfort on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. In topical blends it can support and strengthen the function of the skin. In room and linen sprays, it can combat allergens and dander.


What are enzymes?

  • Protease breaks down protein
  • Lipase breaks down fat
  • Lactase breaks down carbs
  • Amylase and cellulase break carbs down into glucose


Benefits of Enzymes

I call enzymes and essential oils “CPR for the cells”. When cells start dying, they build up a hard protein structure around it, causing it to suffocate and die. when you surround and infuse cells with enzymes and essential oils, it can help resuscitate premature dying cells.

Enzymes offer a plethora of benefits. Not only does it help with digestion, but it also enhances tissue and cellular hydration. For this reason, I add plant-based enzymes into most of my aromatherapy formulas, including my facial toner and any skin supporting blends.

Because it helps with hydration, it can calm pain, inflammation, redness, irritation, and discomforts with skin, muscles, and joints. I even use it as a base in my headache roll-ons, since a common theme with any kind of headache is dehydration.

Enzymes are certainly not required in aromatherapy blends, but it is my secret weapon when I want my blends to not only help a physical imbalance, but also a psychological one. Just a little something I wanted to share as I have found many profoundbenefits with it in aromatherapy.


How to use it

Here are the ways I use it most –

  • Room spray
  • Body spray
  • Linen
  • Surface spray
  • Facial toner
  • Pet deodorizer spray
  • Stain remover (enzymes break down proteins, which is what makes up stains)


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