Custom Blends for Personalized Health

Custom Blends

Personalized aromatherapy blend created for your specific needs.

Signature Products

Therapeutic aromatherapy products for mental, emotional & physical health.


Health Coaching, Scent Events, Guest Speaker, Professional Formulations

Custom Essential Oil

For your diffuser, or use as a stock bottle to make other products

Custom Spray

Prediluted body, room, or linen spray for mind & body support

Custom Roll On

Prediluted for specific needs like mood balance, physical issues or perfume

Why Custom Blends?

Our goal is to capture “YOU in a bottle™”!

You deserve more than a cookie cutter blend. You deserve a blend made specifically for by.

If you are looking to calm pain, strengthen emotional resilience or balance mental health, a custom blend is for you. After a health assessment questionnaire, we match up a personalized list of essential oils to help you find balance right now and support you in becoming your future self with joy, fulfillment & satisfaction.

At JennScents®, we help you connect your head, heart & gut so you can build unstoppable momentum, feeling your best – in life, health & business.

“Every product that I have used from the JennScents line has worked beautifully for me and my family.”​


“WOW! I have always been a fan of essential oils, but having my own custom blend is a game changer. I feel she has captured exactly what oils work well for me and I am so grateful! Jenn is so knowledgeable of essential oils and what can work well for you!”

-Valerie Thompson

“Jennifer is very knowledgeable about essential oils. You tell her what’s going on with you and after a few questions, she makes the perfect blend for you.”

-Jostin S.

Choose from our signature blends

Tried, true & customer approved products for mental, physical & emotional health

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