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7 Scar Reducing Essential Oils

7 Scar Reducing Essential Oils

When most people think of scars, they think of physical scars, that you can see with the human eye.  It is an unwanted discoloration of the skin, sometimes in a very obvious spot like the face, leg, hand or neck. Our goal is to find a remedy that can minimize the appearance of such scars.


Skin Support

Wouldn’t it be great to not only reduce scar visibility, but also enhance the overall function of the skin (our largest eliminative organ) while working on our emotions at the same time?

Essential oils are very powerful as we all know. And yes, they can aid in physical scar minimization. But what about the scars we can’t see? The emotional, mental, and spiritual scars that define who we are and how we act around others.


Emotional Scars
Emotional scars take longer to heal, as it requires a much deeper connection to one’s true self to work through the troubling unresolved issues. Essential oils can help, but it takes time. Everyone is different and has varying issues to address, thus you cannot expect to be “scar-less” in a specific amount of time. It is a journey. An emotional cleansing. It’s one element in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments, nutritional upgrades and possibly herbal and/or homeopathic supplementation.


Essential Oils for the Skin

Palmarosa: A good choice to have in your “scar-reducing” arsenal. It provides a balancing effect emotionally, but also physically with sebum pH, redistributing excess moisture to balance deficiency (dryness, discoloration) to bring all into harmony.


Frankincense: A must-have. It helps one connect spiritually, but also provides great benefit to any skin concern, including scarring as it delivers anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant (scar reducing) and vulnerary (wound healing) properties. Frankincense is also antipruritic (anti-itch).


Myrrh: Helps with pigmentation issues, eczema, skin lesions and itching. It is also a spiritual aid and helps one speak their truth.


Helichrysum: My number one choice. Amazing to break up scar tissue – physical and emotional. It supports the liver-kidney connection (anger with fear).


Elemi: A cicatrizant and vulnerary. Aids the body during stressful times. Provides a grounding, peaceful, and revitalizing feeling.


Carrot Seed: Powerful cicatrisant & vulnerary to help with scars, pigmentation, and skin discoloration.


Patchouli: Powerful antifungal, antipruritic (anti-itch) & skin nourisher.


Scar Reducing Aromatherapy Recipe


When creating a blend, my favorite liquid carrier is plant enzymes, as it provides hydration while restoring balance and combating scars, of any kind.


My favorite scar-reducing carrier oils are evening primrose, hemp, jojoba and rosehip.


Having a cream, you can add shea butter and allow vera gel for extra support.



2oz. Scar Reducing Cream

  • 8 drops helichrysum, Helichrysum italicum
  • 6 drops frankincense, Boswellia carterii
  • 5 drops myrrh, Commiphora myrrha
  • 5 drops palmarosa, Cymbopogon martinii
  • 2 drop elemi, Canarium luzonicum
  • 1-ounce shea butter
  • .5-ounce aloe vera gel
  • .25-ounces evening primrose carrier oil
  • .25-ounces rosehip carrier oil


Slightly warm shea butter (to make it soft so it is easier to blend and stir). Add in the aloe vera gel and carrier oils. Mix well. Next, add in the essential oils and mix well. Label. Store in a cool, dark area (away from sunlight) when not using.


Use a minimum of three times daily on affected area, for best results.



Don’t have all the ingredients?  Let us make it for you. Order the JennScents Scar Reducing Cream here.

Or our JennScents Radiation Relief Salve.




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Personalize your blend!

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