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Scents to Improve your Mood & Motivation

Smell can inspire you to take action, smile, reminisce, and just feel good all over. That’s why when you need to lift your mood from feeling doom and gloom, you should be intentional in the scents you choose to smell. Of course, smelling anything you like can help. But what if you could smell your way to success…health success…mood success…life success?

Certain scents have not only been used historically, but also been proven scientifically to activate cognitive functions, memory recall, learning ability, and behavior regulation. Here are 4 key essential oils that can help you turn your mood around, instantly.


Lemon: “the light”

When you add lemon essential oil to a blend, it acts as a spark plug that ignites light, electricity, and energy. It can help you when you feel lost, in the darkness, confused and defeated. 1-3 drops in a blend will light the way to help you find yourself and discover what lights you up.


Rosemary: “the circulation mover”

When you add rosemary essential oil to a blend it gives it a boost of oxygen to stimulate circulation and get things moving keeping them from being stuck and sluggish. It promotes memory recall, to help you remember why you are so special and unique. In a world where people are trying to mimic other people, this remind you to be yourself and that you ARE enough.


Orange: “the creative instigator”

When you add orange essential oil to a blend it inspires your fun, creative and spontaneous side. It helps to lighten the mood from being too serious, over-worrying, and bogged down in duty and responsibility. It is also an adrenal support giving energy to do fun things that make you happy and productive.


Cedar: “the strength builder”

When you add cedar essential oil to any blend it lends strength. Strength in character, resilience, mindset, inner passion, willpower, and motivation. It grounds you and helps you feel rooted in yourself. Strong roots create a strong foundation. A strong foundation creates strong dreams that can take flight.


Smell them individually.

Smell them in any combination.

Smell them all together.


Room Diffuser Blend: Add 2 drops each in a diffuser. Diffuse for 30 minutes to strengthen mindset and think clearly all day.


Adrenal Support Bath Salt: 5 drops orange and 5 drops rosemary in 8 ounces Epsom or sea salt. Soak for 30 minutes as you unwind from the day’s stresses and nourish your adrenals.


Strong Mind: 6 drops lemon and 5 drops cedar in 10mL carrier oil added to a roll-on bottle. Apply to temples, wrist and around ears to keep you motivated all day.


Mood Boost Spray, 2oz. Add in 12 drops each of lemon and orange essential oils to 2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin and distilled water. Use as a body spray and to boost your mood several times throughout the day.



You can order any of these recipes by putting the name of the recipe in the notes of any of our custom blends.


Want to know more about essential oils and become a Certified Aromatherapist? Visit us at the JennScents Aromaversity and learn how you can help yourself, family and others with holistic aromatherapy.



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Personalize your blend!

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Copyright © 2024 JennScents, Inc.