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Shades of Personality

Shades of personality

Taking my morning walk through nature, the beautiful colors of fall caught my eye. It also got me thinking, as there are many shades of leaves throughout the season, we have many shades to our personality through seasons as well.

Notice if your mood changes each month or with each season. Do you tend to gravitate to certain foods, sense or have certain behaviors that occur throughout the year?

Knowing this, gives you greater insight into your true, soul personality traits. You can learn a lot about yourself.

What inspires you?

What makes you tick?

What makes you become defensive?

What makes you creative?

What helps you flourish?

I’ll take each season as an opportunity to reconnect to my roots. Honoring who I am, understanding where I am at, and dreaming about where I want to go.

November, or Fall season, is a perfect time of honoring our blessings. Those who were with us, and those who are not. Take this time and the season to truly honor you and really connect on a deeper level to realize your value.

Release any feelings, thoughts and emotions no longer serving you.

Allow renewal of your cells, body, mind, soul, spirit, and energy.

Emotions are energy. Energy creates movement. Movement activates cycles. Cycles allow for personal growth & development. When old debris is flushed out, it makes room for new opportunities & nutrients to flow in. This process of release & renewal requires space & grace. Space to let things unfold according to God’s plan, and grace to allow your renewal without judgement or comparison.

You are you.

Your journey will not be like anyone else’s. Different shades of your personality are shaped by different experiences, people, places, situations, genetics and coping skills. Think about a situation or trauma you’ve experienced. Your body’s response to protect you may be to disassociate from the pain. That’s why you may go numb after a traumatic event. Others may need to feel that pain fully, and immerse themselves in it, rather than go numb. There is not right or wrong answer, but your life experiences and skills to that point determine your reactions and responses.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, daydreaming is a form of disassociation, disassociating you from reality. It removes interference by quieting the noise, allowing your inner energy to flow. It numbs any pain, thoughts and noise that can cause reactive behavior and distractions.

You’ve gain, or not gained a different set of tools. Instead of recognizing what you don’t have, or what you are lacking, shift your mindset into recognizing what you DO have. Honor those gifts and talents. Let them flourish and magnify. This will overshadow self-doubts and comparison so you can lead with your strengths & inner power.

When you can allow yourself to authentically thrive, many doors of possibilities & opportunities will open, signifying that you are ready to shine & soar.

Here is a replenishing & renewing aromatherapy blend that you can smell as you work through your releasing & renewal season.

Release & Renewal Nasal Atomizer Blend

2 drops palo santo to connect to your self

3 drops lemon to see you path

3 drops geranium to feel your path

3 drops patchouli to release burdens

2 drops carrot seed receive renewal

3 drops ylang ylang to Honor true self


  • Nasal Atomizer: Add each essential oil to an unscented scent wick.
  • Roll-on: Add each essential oil to 10mL roll-on bottle & fill with pumpkin seed carrier oil.
  • Aromatic Spray or Massage Oil: Add ach essential oil to a 2oz. spray bottle, 1mL vegetable glycerin, swirl until the essential oils are emulsified into the glycerin. Then add in room temperature distilled water.
  • Aromatic Bath or Shower Salts: In an 8oz. jar of sea salt or Epsom salt, add in each essential oil.
  • Shake well. Label. Store in cool, dark area out of the sun and artificial light.

Directions: Smell three times a day, or anytime you have self-sabotaging thought, or need to reconnect to your true self.

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Personalize your blend!

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Copyright © 2024 JennScents, Inc.