21-Day Mind-Body Detox Program


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Time to release the mental & emotional clutter to improve your quality of health. Cleanse Begins April 17 – May 17, 2023. 

This 21-Day Whole Mind-Body Detox package includes:

  • Herbs: Solle Vital Minerals & Chlorophyll, Plant-Based Fiber, Plant-Based Protein Powder, Colon Activator, Whole Body Detox, Digestive Enzymes, Gut-Brain Probiotic, and Aromatherapy Gut Roll-on
  • 30 days health coaching
  • Daily Detox Education, Tips & Resources
  • Private Facebook Group Access 

Clean up your body systems and clean out any unwanted gunk that is clogging up organs & cellular processes. This program is designed to give you whole body support, cleansing & strengthening from head to toe, inside and out to bring your body & mind back into balance. 


Program Herbs Contents: 6 herbal combinations & 1 Aromatherapy Blend

Good Fibrations is a 50% soluble and 50% insoluble fiber that helps to gather, absorb and sweep out waste, allowing nutrients to be absorbed optimally. This fiber is not like other fibers. It contains a unique blend of herbs that offers simultaneous cleansing and gut soothing benefits, with adaptogenic (stress-relieving) and brain support. Oh, and it tastes great!  A ginger-pear flavor. 

Solle Vital™ is a premium plant blend consisting of 3 balanced, proprietary ingredient groups. Formulated to protect, enliven and energize the body and to strengthen and support a balanced mood, this foundational product strengthens a variety of health functions. Solle Vital is sugar-free and has herbal ingredients that represent an “inside-to-outside” health approach by supporting healthy circulation, digestion, respiration and immunity. Like “core strength” exercise programs (such as yoga, swimming, and Pilates), which steadily improve health and fortify against injury and sickness, Solle Vital is a core, daily herbal blend which enhances all body systems and fortifies against assaults on your health, including mood stresses that are part of daily activity.

FasTract™ Colon Activator contains a special combination of gentle yet powerful herbs to stimulate peristalsis and keep your systems moving, so they do not get clogged or congested.  It’s blend of soothing ingredients like aloe vera works gently and won’t cramp your style. FasTract™ combines cascara sagrada with Solle’s Multiphyllin™ prime chlorophyll blend, two types of aloe vera (whole leaf and inner leaf) and the revered adaptogen, holy basil. Smooth movin’ without the harsh effects. 

AmiTox DC is an “everything” cleanser providing twelve degrees of detoxification. It works to break up unwanted toxic debris and flush it out through normal elimination pathways which destress the internal and external body, clears the mind of clutter and confusion and helps the gut absorb good nutrients. This special blend addresses deep clarifying needs not only of the colon, liver and gut, but also the kidneys, spleen, skin, and nervous system for an all-encompassing, positive and transformational detox experience. 

Verdezymes are plant-based enzymes with gut soothing herbs to enhance overall gut functions, digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins. 100% plant-sourced, our enzymes include four Protease varieties to address digestive needs in varying stomach pH conditions. Proteases (also called proteolytic enzymes) play a key role in conditions of inflammation and bloating, and support both the circulatory and immune systems. Designed to enhance digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, our plant enzyme blend also includes the key enzyme glucoamylase. Glucoamylase has been the subject of numerous clinical studies. These studies have shown its ability to positively affect blood sugar balance, decrease bloating and digestive irritation, and effectively convert starch from common foods like potatoes, corn, and wheat into glucose, thus reducing gas and the feeling of fullness after eating. Calming herbal blend (wood betony, peppermint, marshmallow root & passionflower) will relax, soothe & balance gut functions. 

SolleComplete Plant-Based Protein Powder comes in Natural & Dutch Chocolate flavor. Great tasting & highly nutritious all-natural, protein-enhanced beverage that is uniquely formulated to nutritionally support both body and mind stamina & performance. SolleComplete combines pea protein with two truly innovative, proprietary herbal blends of both concentrated and standardized herbal extracts to produce a one-of-a-kind nutritional formula. Sweetened with Honey Powder, Natural Flavors & Stevia Extract.

Contentment Aromatherapy Roll-on has a blend of essential oils that provide anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, relaxing, soothing, and analgesic properties. Apply over your gut, liver and kidneys three times a day during the detox to support your organs and calm emotions so you can release them. 


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