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Solle Naturals Deep Clarifying Detox – AmiTox DC (Ami means “everything”). Contains 90 capsules of a healthful, detoxifying blend of carefully selected herbs nature has given us to help maintain and support optimal health. AmiTox DC features Manjistha Root, Holy Basil, Activated Charcoal, Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract, Bentonite Clay, Oregon Grape Root, Barberry Extract, Clove Stem powder, Wormwood Leaf & Stem powder, Black Walnut Extract, Pumpkin Seed powder and Milk Thistle extract, all detoxifying herbs for a broad clarifying result.

Together this combination works on digestion, intestines, lymph, lungs, liver, kidneys, parasites, candida and overall toxin congestion.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Stuck in a Rut”? Are words like stagnant, boredom or general malaise part of the picture? Are feelings of frustration, anxiety and listlessness also there? The truth is, our lifestyle choices and our diet too often have the ability to push each one of us into a health rut. And, though our personal feelings when “in a rut” may be unique, we cannot thrive, physically or emotionally, until we find a way out. Sometimes, the simple inclusion of healthful, detoxifying herbs to our daily regimen is enough to get us back on track. This is especially true following extended periods of poor diet and negative habits. At Solle Naturals, we believe that a Deep Clarifying Detox can make all the difference.


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