Aromatherapy Client Mentoring Session

Aromatherapy Client Mentoring Session, 30min.


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A 30-minute, one-on-one mentoring session with Certified Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Aromapreneur™ and Scentillectual™ Jennifer Pressimone. A time to ask your questions, brainstorm, brain-pick and personalize specific aromatherapy education to meet your needs. Have some blends or recipes you need help perfecting? Need help choosing specific oils and combinations to help with a specific issue?  This is the time to ask. These consultations are conducted via telephone, or skype. By appointment only.

Sometimes we feel like there is a million things going on and that we have to know all the answers. In actuality, having resources, and knowing where to find the answers and information is half the battle. That is where a mentor can come in handy to provide knowledge, guidance and tips to make your journey easier and time efficient. I have been helping myself and others for 20 years combining my personal health and research experiences with my psychology, aromatic and business background, coupled with my caring and compassionate nature. I believe my life was spared so I can pay forward the lessons I’ve learned and gifts I’ve developed along the way. It’s time to focus on you!  Pay now to book your Aromatherapy Mentoring Session.

If you are needing business guidance and mentoring, here is the link for that service – Or if you have mental blockages holding you back from being your best business-minded self, check out this service –

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