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Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Custom Blend Session

Aromatherapy Custom Blend Session – with Olfactory Sensory Testing® & Scenterpretation™


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Custom blends are formulated and created to meet any physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs you have. Aromatherapy Custom Blend Session with Certified Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist and gifted Scenterpreter™, Jennifer Hochell Pressimone. 

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Virtual Aromatherapy Custom Blend Session with Certified Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist and Scentellectual™, Jennifer Hochell Pressimone.  Jennifer will guide you through a consultation to determine your aromatherapy needs on a physical, mental and emotional level. Then, she will walk you through an Olfactory Sensory Testing session before formulating & creating a custom blend especially for you.

We use only 100% pure essential oils and botanicals.

Custom blends are made to meet any physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs. Schedule your appointment for an aromatherapy blend session. After your discussion, Jennifer will formulate your blend and provide scenterpretation™ about the essential oils selected for your blend. This will give you insight into what the scents mean for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Jennifer is a gifted master aromatherapist and scenterpreter™. She will translate and interpret the scents, giving insight to what emotions you are ready to work on, and which ones you have buried (the culprits keeping you from moving forward in life and business). It’s like telling a story from your outermost layer of personality to your innermost core soul constitution.

Virtual Consultations include a 25-minute discussion on your blends purpose and goals in addition to providing you with education on your custom blend. Great to manage stress, address emotional imbalances or body system concerns, and simply just for fun! Scents not only make you smell good, they make you feel great as well. These custom blends can help adjust, shift and manage a variety of emotional and mental concerns such as anger, grief and fear. Click here to read more about it. Order your blend today and get emotionally balanced.

Read more about how we use our scentillect™ for scenterpretation™ of your customized aromatherapy blend.


*Cancellation fee: 3% of invoiced item(s)
**There may be an additional Service Fee depending on the amounts of premier essential oils used. Premier essential oils include Champaca, Frangipani, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Melissa, Neroli, Rose, Vanilla, Violet, Yarrow


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