Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Custom Blend Session

Aromatherapy Custom Blend Session with OST®


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Aromatherapy Custom Blend Session with Certified Aromatherapist Jennifer Hochell Pressimone.  Jennifer will consult a consultation to determine your aromatherapy needs, then create and formulate a custom blend especially for you, using 100% pure essential oils and botanicals.

Custom blends are made to meet any physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs. Schedule an appointment today for to book your aromatherapy session. In person visits include Olfactory Sensory Testing (a trademarked technique of smelling a variety of pure essential oils for emotional well-being), education about your selected essential oils and a 2 ounce Custom Blend Spray or Roll-on. Telephone Consultations available, and include a 15-20 minute discussion on your blends purpose and goals in addition to your blend education and custom blend. Great to manage stress, address emotional imbalances or body system concerns, and simply just for fun! Scents not only make you smell good, they make you feel great as well. These custom blends can help adjust, shift and manage a variety of emotional and mental concerns such as anger, grief and fear. Click here to read more about it. Order your blend today and get emotionally balanced. (50 minutes).

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