Caregiver Aromatherapy Gift Box


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Caregiver Aromatherapy Gift Set that includes 5 special products that restore, invigorate, nourish, comfort, support and appreciate any caregiver.

Everyone needs loving, kind and restorative self-care, especially caregivers!  They give so selflessly, without regard to their own needs. This is a special aromatherapy gift box was created to honor and support those caregivers, sharing their heart and soul each and every day to help someone feel better and loved.

When you need a gift that expresses more than words ever could…this JennScents gift box can speak to the heart, offering an unforgettable treasure.

Scents create memories that last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort.

This Gift set includes 1 each of the following:

  • 1 Courage Essential Oil Blend Roll-on, 10ml (a floral, fruity, grounding scent)
  • 1 Stress Relief Spray, 2oz. (a citrus-spice scent)
  • 1 JennScents “Just Breathe” Essential Oil Blend Nasal Atomizer (invigorating and nourishing)
  • 1 Relaxing Hand & Body Lotion, 2oz. (scents of lavender, chamomile, mandarin and silver fir)
  • 1 Rejuvenating Hand Scrub, 4oz. (scents of peppermint, lime and sweet basil)


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