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Essential oil chest rub for lungs, sinuses and more. A customized blend of decongesting & expectorant botanicals and 100% pure essential oils. A bestseller at JennScents for 20 years. Originally made to help me with allergies and a cold. I was very sensitive to chemicals and synthetic fragrances, so I made this up as my herbal vicks rubs. It worked so well, and I have many friends want me to make it up for them. Voila, the Chest Rub became an official JennScents product.

I was very strategic in the oils I chose for this blend. Getting the amounts just right to give the best & most effective results was a science, along with much guidance from my intuition. It needed to not only open up nasal passageways, it also needed to support bronchiole and lung functions.  One of my clients used it for the scar tissue built up around her lungs.

I have updated the original recipe to be even more powerful. I added more essential oils that are specific to enhancing oxygen levels, breathing, and combat nasty respiratory invaders.


Scents like ravintsara and eucalyptus have been shown to alleviate chest, sinus and ear concerns such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections, earaches and lymphatic congestion.

Myrrh and lemon are wonderful for throat discomfort, cough, irritation, and lymph support.

Heavy hitters like ammi visnaga, inula, frankincense, thyme, and helichrysum help with heavy congestion build up, combat invaders and break up scar tissue beneath the surface.


My chest rub not only helps with respiratory and sinus congestion, it helps you when you’ve been exposed to heavy environmental toxins. Also, highly beneficial with emotions related to the lungs such as grief.


Comes in a cream bottled in a jar (2, 4 & 8 oz). A nasal atomizer you sniff. And a roll-on you can apply to the chest area and your lung reflexology points.


Want to learn how you can use aromatherapy & the Chest Rub to Strengthen & Regain Your Sense of Smell? Take my Masterclass.

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1 review for Chest Rub

  1. Patti Griffith (verified owner)

    Amazing and absorbs quickly. I’m not using this chest rub on my skin in the area of my lungs and include the throat area. Not sure what all my crazy coughing has been from (suspect it could be a result of 30 radiation treatments) but the Chest Rub has definitely helped almost entirely eliminate my chronic cough. It smells good. It absorbs quickly. It works beautifully. I’m even using it on my feet at night and putting on some soft socks which later get kicked off in my sleep. Resting easy now as a result of using the Chest Rub.

    • Jennifer Pressimone

      Thank you Patti! I am glad it is bringing you relief. This has been one of my most popular products this year. Stay well.

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