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Custom Blend Professional Formulation Service


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Custom Blend Professional Formulation Service with JennScents Formulator, Aromapreneur™ and Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist, Jennifer Pressimone. We create special, unique, one-of-a-kind custom blends to meet your professional needs using 100% pure essential oils. We do not use any fragrance or synthetic ingredients.  

After you have completed the Custom Blend Formulation Consultation with Jennifer, you are ready for us to get to work and formulate your scent masterpiece. Jennifer will translate your detailed aromatherapy needs and goals into 3 separate personalized sample formulations for you to assess, approve and choose from. You will then finalize your decision by choosing one of these signature scents for your exclusive rights. A product Fact Sheet will be provided also to match your final blend choice.

Private labeling and production available for an additional fee upon request. Purchase now to book our Custom Blend Formulation Service.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete the initial sample process.


Jennifer Pressimone is a gifted and intuitive master aromatherapy blender. using her extensive professional and personal background, she aims to bring all of the fabrics and essence of who you are and what you want into one blend that delivers the desired goal you are seeking. 


*This is a non-refundable service.

**There may be an additional Service Fee depending on the amounts of premier essential oils used.  You will receive a price difference notification and request for payment before your blends are formulated, so proper adjustments can be made if needed to reduce the additional fee. Premier essential oils include Champaca, Frangipani, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Melissa, Neroli, Rose, Vanilla, Violet, Yarrow

***We only use 100% pure essential oils. We do not use any fragrance or synthetic scents. Keep in mind, if you are requesting a duplication of an existing recipe that has fragrance or synthetic scents, our replicated custom blend creations will vary in odor.


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