Daily Health Drink 4-Pack


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Four delicious herbal drinks that provide head to toe, inside and out health to increase energy, brain power and circulation while decreases stress.


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Who says you can’t drink your way to health? These 4 delicious health drinks are the first of their kind. They provide support for the mind and body, simultaneously. These formulas are unrivaled in terms of taste and breadth of health benefits.  Each product has a number of distinctive ingredients and attributes.

This pack includes:

  • 1 box Solle Vital: vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and adaptogens
    • Aids detoxifying organs
    • Alkalizing/pH Balancing
    • Recovery and Inflammation
    • internal deodorizer to combat body and breath odor
    • Increases Energy
  • 1 box Cinnamate: a warm, huge hug in your mug, balances blood sugar, combats digestive upset and tummyaches, immune boosting and just plain yummy!
    • Blood Sugar Management
    • Craving control
    • Boost Stamina
    • Digestive Energy
    • Immune Enhancing
  • 1 box Excell: enhances brain function, circulation, vision, respiratory, boost energy and stamina and balances hormones
    • Clarify Circulatory/Respiratory Systems 
    • Libido and Endocrine System Support
    • Powerful Antioxidants
    • Increase Alertness
    • Strengthen Bones
  • 1 box Renue: calming, soothing nourishing and restoring for the gut, nerves, sleep  and immune system
    • Stress Relief
    • Sleep Aid
    • Restore Harmony
    • Rejuvenate
    • Refocus

Each comes sealed in single serving packets that you make up fresh daily for maximum potency.  Whether you want to strengthen your core and energize your mood, increase your stamina and manage your blood sugar, relax and rejuvenate or regulate your hormones and boost your libido, these daily drinks are for you. A smart investment with a huge return. 

Use as directed.

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