Grief Relief Spray


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Essential oil blend to help grief, crying, and emotional distress.


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A custom blend of 100% pure essential oils to comfort the heart and nourish your spirit during times of emotional distress. Essential oils, when employed in aromatherapy practices and products, have long been used to support mental, emotional and physical health.

Grief is an emotion stored in the lungs. It is not something you ever get over. However, you can support your mind and body through it. You will have some good days, and some bad days. The blend can help on any day. It helps you honor and celebrate your memories, while easing the pain that comes with longing for a lost loved one.

Essential oils of ravintsara, rose and sandalwood are known for its support during the grieving process. It can reduce the emotional and physical pain, uneasiness, guilt, shock and distress associated with grief. It calms the tightness in the chest, emotional instability, fatigue, exhaustion, weak, crying, weeping, sadness and depression.

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