Grief Relief Support Box

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Grief Relief Support Box includes 3 aromatherapy products to help bring comfort, love and strength and support to you or a loved one who is grieving the loss of someone or a beloved animal.

It’s hard to find the words to send your condolences when a loved one is grieving but it’s even harder to find something to send to help them through this hard time.  Something that can bring comfort, strength and love to show how much you care. This special, customized gift box is the perfect way to share your heart and prayers, lending support and bringing them comfort.

When you need a gift that says what words cannot say…this JennScents gift box can speak to the heart, offering an unforgettable treasure. Scents create memories that last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort.

This Grief Relief Support Box gift set includes:

  • The 2oz. Grief Relief Spray is a custom blend of essential oils such as Ravintsara, Rose & Sandalwood, known to help support the body and mind during times of grief, guilt, shock & distress.
  • A 2oz. Distress Remedy Flower Essence combination that offers soothing relief to emotional distress.  Great for anxiety, nervous stomach and uncomfortable and upsetting situations.
  • 10ml roll-on of Comfort Compass Blend which is designed to bring your mind and body comfort and joy.  It helps calm anxiety, stress relief, can help you feel safe, secure and supported.

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