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A special, meaningful, unique, personalized and heartfelt gift that says what words cannot express. Honor a loved one with our Aromatic Honoring Gift Box. A wonderful way to help someone or a family celebrate the life and honor a loved one or pet with this unforgettable treasure. Made with 100% pure essential oils, botanicals, love, strength and prayers to help someone remember the good times, manage their grief and nourish their heart. We’ve included a special combination of essential oils that offer a comforting, connecting and supportive scent.

Creating scent memories that honor a legacy™

Scent memories last a lifetime. They become tradition in transforming emotions into comfort.


Aromatic Honoring Gift Set includes:

Salt Jar Directions: This special combination was formulated to bring honor to those who left us too soon, and embrace the celebration of their life with love and comfort. You can use:

  • Open jar and sit in a special area to allow the scents to fill the room
  • Sprinkle near the final resting place to anoint their passing
  • Or, use in a healing aromatic bath to nourish your soul, help you connect on a deeper level and surround you with strength.


Spray Directions: Spray around you 3-5 times throughout the day and at honoring times to help you manage your emotions. You can use this scent anytime you think about the person or pet, to help you remember their spirit, and honor their legacy.


Roll-on Directions: Apply to your wrist, neck, temples and other pulse points to bring you comfort, manage anxiety, depression, blood pressure and overwhelming emotions. Use as often as you need to bring comfort and to honor the memory of your loved one.  



  • Rosemary: significant for love, death and remembrance
  • Roman Chamomile: caretaker and nurturer
  • Cedar: instill strength to withstand the grief
  • Coriander: death and afterlife transitioning
  • Lemon: to light the way


Watch our video sharing the process of making an honoring salt.


Honoring Gifts sets available for special occasions, weddings and births.

Optional: Have a signature or custom scent created especially for our loved one with our virtual custom blending service.

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