Labor Enhancing Set


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A special blend of essential oils and botanicals, for expecting moms. A stimulating roll-on and relaxing cream to aid in the labor and birthing process.

The Stimulating Roll-on is designed to help stimulate circulation, enhancing the contraction process. It can also help with swollen ankles, neck tension and sciatica. Has a floral scent with Geranium, Clary Sage and Rose.

The Relaxing Cream is designed to calm and relax  pain and discomfort from the labor process. It can also calm nerves, anxiety, back pain, and nerve pain. Has a spicy-floral scent with Lavender, Cinnamon, Jasmine and Marjoram.


Directions for Use: During labor, your body will contract and relax in intervals. Using this 1-2 system will mimic your body’s natural response to labor, support and enhance the body during this time. You will rotate use between these two blends. When contractions start, apply the contract blend to the uterus area, lower back and ankle bones (inside and out). Wait about 2-5 minutes and apply the relax blend in the same manner. This interval time will decrease as your contraction become closer together. You will repeat this process in sync with your contractions. As contractions increase in frequency, so will your use of these two formulas in a rotation manner. These blends are also helpful for post-partum depression, anxiety and nervousness that goes along with becoming a new parent.
This is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or replace medical attention.

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