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Scent Replication & Formulation Service

Scent Replication & Formulation Service


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Let JennScents replicate your favorite scent with 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances).

The Process:

  1. Send us a sample of your scent to be evaluated by one of our highly trained Phyto-aromatherapist. If we feel we are unable to replicate, we will let you know.
  2. Next step once you are ready for your scent replication blend, is to purchase this Replication & Formulation Service before we begin formulating. This service includes the following:
    • Two samples will be mailed to you for you to approve one as your final blend.
    • Once you choose and finalize one of the sample scents, we will make up and ship the final scent to you in a 5 ml bottle or 10ml Perfume (designate when you place your order in the Notes section).
  3. You can reorder the blend here.


Replication Guidelines:

  • We CANNOT replicate synthetic fragrances. We only use 100% pure essential oils.
  • If a blend is older than one-year, it will be hard to replicate as the scents shave matured greatly, and have been exposed to various elements such as temperature, humidity, sunlight and other factors.
  • Please allow 2-4 week turn around time. We strive to replicate and produce samples and a final product in a timely manner, however scent approval and our travel schedule may extend this time frame.

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