Vegetable Glycerin


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Vegetable glycerin is a great emollient and hydrator for the skin. It is a beneficial emulsifier for essential oils in an aromatherapy blend.  4oz. bottle


Our Vegetable Glycerin is a Kosher product derived from palm, and it is GMO-free and allergen-free. Glycerin is the result of a sophisticated extraction method called hydrolysis. This system is based on the fats and oils of a raw product (typically palm or coconut) that are then split into crude glycerol fats, under the combined action of water, temperature and pressure. These temperatures can exceed 400° degrees and the material is usually kept under pressure for 20-30 minutes. What is actually occurring is a sort of counter-flow where the water absorbs glycerol from the fatty acid phase of the oil production.

Vegetable Glycerin is a clear, colorless, and odorless viscous liquid. Soluble in both, water and alcohol. A natural source with emollient-like properties which can smooth & soften the skin and assists the skin surface to retain moisture.

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