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VS-C antiviral herbal combination. A powerful Traditional Chinese Medicine antiviral herbal formula that supports the immune system based on TCM theory. Commonly used by our customers for virus issues, immune functions, shingles, cold sores, herpes simplex, chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, cold and flu.

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  • Supports the immune system
  • Fights off biological stressors
  • Nourishes the liver
  • Promotes a healthy respiratory tract
  • Helps your respiratory tract based on TCM theory
  • Traditionally used to support detoxification

How It Works:

This immune-supporting formula is a combination that Chinese herbalists would describe as a “metal-enhancing” formula. These herbs create a favorable environment for microbial balance and overall health.

Dandelion root has nutritive properties for the liver, kidneys, stomach and blood.

Purslane tops were eaten by American pioneers and in the Orient in the belief that it nourishes the liver and blood.

Indigo leaves and root were used traditionally to support detoxification processes.

Bupleurum root is a Chinese bitter herb that nourishes the liver and promotes perspiration. Typhonium rhizome supports the respiratory system.

Scute root has been used to support the gallbladder and spleen.

Cinnamon twig benefits the intestinal tract.

Licorice root adds harmony and nourishes the adrenal glands.

Ginseng root is a well-known adaptogen, promoted as a general body builder.

VS-C is also available in liquid form, with the components of its dried counterpart extracted and preserved in a glycerin base.



Dandelion whole plant, purslane top, indigo leaves and root, thlaspi whole plant, bupleurum root, scute root, typhonium rhizome, cinnamon twig, licorice root and ginseng root.

Recommended Use:

Adults: Take 4 capsules two–four times daily; liquid, take 30–40 drops two–four times daily.
Children: Use half the adult recommendation.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care professional prior to taking this supplement.


The Story Behind VS-C

VS-C is a proprietary blend of 10 Chinese herbs grown and harvested in China. These herbs have been used for thousands of years in TCM to combat disease and help maintain health. In the mid-1980s, Nature’s Sunshine worked with Wenwei Xie, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing, who came to the US as part of a research project on Chinese remedies for immune support. Working with Dr. Xie, Nature’s Sunshine developed VS-C based on classical TCM formulations for the immune system.

VS-C helps the body maintain a vital yin-yang balance. As a metal (Jin)-enhancing blend, VS-C is designed to promote connection and purity according to TCM…to nurture the lungs (Fei) and large intestine (Da Chang), the two organs associated with the metal element. The large intestine lets go of toxins and waste while the lungs breathe in fresh air to nourish the blood and exhale additional toxins.

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