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The Smell of Courage

Choose Courage Over Fear

Have you ever noticed that if you can make it through the first 3 minutes of a speech or presentation, you are good to go? Nerves subside and fear falls away. With each moment, nervousness decreases because there’s movement which helps release those frazzles nerves and anxiety.

Taking on a new role as an entrepreneur, manager, or leader in your profession means more speeches and presentations. It’s just a matter of time before you have to lead a meeting or give formal presentations to a group or at a conference. A common challenge that affects many business leaders is fear of public speaking. Sound familiar?

Believe me, I know what you are going through. This plagued me when I first started my business. Actually, it paralyzed me my whole life until…I was challenged over and over with presentation after presentation. The more I did them, the less nervous I was. As time went on, I took a less stress herbs, flower essences, and aromatherapy sprays. I remember I took a whole bottle of stress herbs within a 2-hour period, just to get on the stage. I’ve drank almost a whole bottle of a flower essence blend and went through 2-ounces of an aromatherapy blend, just for 1 presentation. Needless to say, I was extremely terrified to speak in front of people. When I first started practicing, I had my mom and best friend be my audience. As soon as I said my name, I passed out. So, when I say terrified, it was terrified times 100.

Power of Scent Therapy for the Psyche

Scent therapy can encourage and support you through the moments leading up to the speech and get you through the entire presentation or meeting. It acts like a comfort blanket, helping you feel safe, secure, strong & stable. It helps you connect to your core so you can share authentically from the heart. When you do this, others will feel it. Their energy then fuels your energy creating a reciprocity of love and appreciation. You leave feeling restored, rejuvenated, and inspired. This is a good day.

I create custom blends that help liberate your fear and transform it into courage. It’s okay to be scared but still take action anyway. Scent can make this process a little less nerve-wracking.

A perfect example is when I was a key speaker at an event. I got on stage and froze, literally. I started to sweat, felt my face and neck getting red, started getting light-headed and…I almost passed out. I sat down behind the podium and put my heads between my legs. I wasn’t sure if I could stand up or not. I knew I had to do this. They were all there waiting for me. So, I grabbed the microphone in one hand, and my custom aromatherapy bottle in the other (I made one for me before I went to this conference). Talk about being scared and doing it anyway. This was it. I started my presentation sitting there. The audience couldn’t see me, but they could hear me. After each sentence, I took a sniff. I did my whole 60-minute presentation that way. At the end, I could hear them clapping and cheering me on. One lady yelled, “way to go, you did it.”

Ah, relief!  I did do it. Yay, me.

I eventually stood up to exit the stage and when I looked out, the audience was giving me a standing ovation. Not because I rocked my presentation. But because they witnessed me having fear and courage at the same time.

So, remember, even if you are scared, take just one step, one sniff, one step, one sniff, and so on until you are in motion. You can do this. You are meant to do this. You will do it. You are doing it.

“One step away from fear is one step closer to courage.” Jennifer H. Pressimone

Fear Transformer Nasal Atomizer
6 drops frankincense, Boswellia carterii
3 drops cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica
3 drops pine, Pinus sylvestris
4 drops lemon, Citrus limonum
2 drops orange, Citrus sinensis

Add drops to the unscented nasal atomizer scent wick. Sniff 3-4 times per nostril to calm your fear and inspire courage.

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Personalize your blend!

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Copyright © 2024 JennScents, Inc.