Aromatherapy…Olfaction in an Instant to Promote Courage and Joy

Aromatherapy is a unique, fun and self-fulfilling practice that brings most people joy, comfort, peace, relaxation, rejuvenation, revitalization and inspiration. A single scent can provoke an immediate response to tell your body how to respond.  You see, scent travels in through the nose, to the olfactory bulb, where scent assessment and recognition takes place.  It …

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4 Aromatherapy Solutions for Allergies

Aromatherapy Solutions for Allergies – How it Worked for Me Allergies…are so annoying, right. Physically, you can experience allergies to plants, pollen, chemicals and pets. Nutritionally, you may experience an “allergy” in response to eating certain foods or drinking specific drinks. Emotionally, something or someone can irritate, frustrate, or annoy you. You can be triggered …

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JennScents Holistic Health

JennScents Holistic Health offers an integrative approach between, mind, body, gut and spirit.  It connects the head, heart and gut to help you achieve overall wellness, vitality, happiness and contentment. JennScents is a firm believer that healing starts by activating the mind. This is where aromatherapy is vey crucial.  Various scents can elicit a response to …

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