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Take Charge! Earn Your Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Certification from JennScents Aromaversity!

Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Being educated and skilled in what you do can help you help your family and others with ease and confidence. There is much to know about essential oil therapies, properties, benefits and uses, as well as how to properly and effectively integrate them with botanicals, tinctures, flower essences and other medicinal remedies. When you become a certified aromatherapist, it will give you the comprehensive training and in-depth knowledge you need to accurately, safety and effectively employ essential oils and aromatherapy practices. Along with practice sessions to develop, improve and enhance your blending skills you get to put your knowledge and talents into action, with a mentor who can guide you to being the best aromatherapist you can be.  You will have the opportunity to learn how and when to use certain essential oils to accomplish core and niche health goals, such as digestive or respiratory health, and what oils to combine together to conquer that precise, specific and complex health issue.

In addition to knowledge, training and skill-development, you will earn a certificate of achievement to share with your clients and prospective employers, showing you have received intensive and comprehensive training in the field of aromatherapy.  This certification has proven to enhance your chances of earning employment whether in a spa setting, medical office, aromatherapy formulations and manufacturing company or your own aromatherapy business.

Ready to start? Learn more about our online aromatherapy certification program!

What can I do with my Aromatherapy Certification?

The sky is the limit when it comes to putting your aromatherapy certification to work. Even though the practice of aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years, you still have a ground-floor opportunity to contribute to the advancements of aromatherapy as we know it and use it today. Scents have long been attributed to making a room smell nice, however the complex, intricate and multifaceted benefits they deliver on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and environmental level is exponential.

You can choose to learn about the comprehensive uses and benefits of aromatherapy for personal reasons, helping you and your family gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle filled with the highest quality of life. We can all use support, education and skill development when it comes to personal growth. Or you may decide you want to turn your passion into a lucrative business, earning a living while doing what you love. Your certification studies will train and prepare you for business development, management and growth strategies.

Common roles of previous graduates include business owner, soap maker, product development and manufacturing, consulting, blogger, lecturer, author, teacher and integrative add-on to existing services such as massage therapy, reflexology and body work.

Why choose the JennScents Aromaversity?

JennScents was born from a place of a gut-wrenching desire to live and pay forward the blessing of life.  I was very ill in the early 2000’s and through the grace and guidance of God, was blessed with an incredible mentor and friend who taught me the significant lessons of integrating natural health into my life to enhance and regain quality of life. I went from planning my funeral to planning my business.  All of the life and health lessons I’ve learned along the way, are embedded into every lesson, every lecture, every course to empower you to think through scenarios and strategies, solve problems, help others and most important, bring you closer to you, in the most authentic way.

We have created an online aromatherapy training experience that makes it simple and easy to log in to your account, begin lessons where you left off, end lessons to allow for time management, track your progress, access student specific content, print your course certifications, and connect with teachers when you have questions or need help completing course assignments.

We provide an in-depth and comprehensive education, integrating a holistic mind-body health approach. You will learn how to combine and formulate essential oils, botanicals, flower essences, herbal tinctures and homeopathy to conquer specific health concerns and needs. Having a background in psychology, I’ve always had a passion for mental and emotional health. I was really able to hone in specific aromatherapy skills to help clients in my herb shop and day spa. Our courses were developed to unite the mind-body connection in various facets, providing a well-rounded and solid foundation in aromatherapy, no matter what path you choose to take with your aromatherapy certification.

All of the information I share is based on my experiences, both personally to help myself through my own health challenges as well as professionally with my business management and development expertise in having one of the first Aromatherapy Custom Blending Bars and practices. I teach from experience, intuition and my heart, implementing scientific research to help you build your confidence as an aromatherapist, as well as your blending and formulation skills.

What will I learn at the JennScents Aromaversity?

The JennScents Aromaversity strives to give you a multi-modal learning experience with an e-workbook (visual aid), audio teaching lessons and hands-on mentoring when you need it (to complete assignments, help a client with a case study, course content, etc.). Our goal is to share the journey we’ve experienced to help you overcome challenges quickly, allowing you to focus more of your time on your talents of developing the next generation of products, technologies, techniques, and future aromatherapists.

Course content includes aromatic history – past, present and future, safety guidelines, quality assurance methods, phyto-aroma chemistry, 55+ essential oil profiles, 45+ carrier oil profiles, blending application and techniques, dilution ratios, extraction methods, recipes for specific issues, skin care training, emotional healing, anatomy and physiology, body systems, herbal integration, personal care (for women, men, children, animals, environmental and natural cleaning), ethics, business development and more.

Holistic Aromatherapy Certification, NAHA Level 1

For the person who wants in-depth knowledge and skill development to use aromatherapy for personal care – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Professional Aromatherapy Certification, NAHA Level 2

for the person who wants to start their own aromatherapy business, or work within an aromatherapy company in a professional setting, whether, blending, formulating, consulting or operating.

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification, NAHA Level 3

For the advanced practitioner who wants to take their scentillect™ to the highest level, diving into deep and complex health issues, research, product development, formulations, and consulting in a clinical setting. Our courses provide niche training and professional blending development to help you hone in, expand, magnify and deepen your advanced skills.

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Certified Aromatherapist!

The time is now! Take charge of taking care of yourself. Become a certified aromatherapist and gain in-depth knowledge and training to help you, your family and others.

Start Today!


Want to feel more confident in using essential oils safely to take care your family & others?
Looking to expand your knowledge and skills using essential oils?
Want to add aromatherapy to your client services to enrich your niche?
Or start a new career path in aromatherapy?

Glad you are here.

The JennScents Aromaversity has 3 training programs to meet you where you are, and help you grow to where you want to be.

Check out our Aromatherapy Certifications here.

When you are connected to your passion and lead with purpose, everything is possible.
You just need the right education, mentor, and tools to get you there.

Come see us at the Aromaversity to see how we can make your dreams come true, doing something you love.

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Personalize your blend!

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