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The YOUvement™: Get Moving Inside and Out

What is the YOUvement™? It is about YOU creating movement in YOUr life. When you connect to your inner self, accept and appreciate you for who you are, its time to take yourself “on the road” and get moving. Put your personal plan into action. Don’t have one yet? Here is a great place to start – create your Personal Milemarker™ Map. This is helpful when you feel stuck or trapped by your circumstances.

Got your plan? Now, let’s keep you moving. Think about areas in your life, personally, professionally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually where you are stuck. What is holding back from moving forward in your life and going after your dreams? Is it emotional paralysis? Here are some common emotional hindrances along with helpful aromatic remedies.

  • Fear: Frankincense, Grapefruit and Patchouli
  • Anger: Lemon, Helichrysum and Rose
  • Worry: Chamomile, Peppermint or Spearmint and  Fennel
  • Self-worth: all Citrus, Cedar, Palmarosa, Sweet Basil


BElieve in YOU

The YOUvement™ starts with believing in yourself.  “Believe” is defined as accepting something to be true. So, accept yourself to be true. Connect with what makes you special and unique. What gifts and talents do you possess? Do you enjoy helping others? Are you doing something that connects your passions, dreams and interests? Know what inspires you to be a better version of yourself, and surround yourself with that bliss. Believe you can do anything, and you will.  Write down your dreams and goals. Match up skills and knowledge you need to put those dreams into action, then create an action step plan to get you there.  Believe.  You got this.


YOUvement™ Exercises

Time to get moving! What are some ways you can get your mind, body and soul moving in the direction you want to go? Leaving behind the self-defeating behaviors and habits that hold you back?

  • “Me Time”: There should be Me Time scheduled on your calendar, everyday. Even if it is a 15-30 minute slot. This is time dedicated to nourishing your body, relieving your mind of over-thinking and fueling your soul.
  • Meditation and Positive Affirmations:  Find a quote or inspirational saying that makes you smile, feel inspired and empowered.  Read that everyday as you look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am beautiful/handsome”. I am worthy. I am ME!”
  • Aromatherapy: Nothing better that using the most powerful sense you have to engage and active your mind and body to receive love and inspire empowerment.
    • Black pepper: stimulates circulation, supports muscles and joints to move as well stuck emotions to get out of the way
    • Grapefruit: Moves our lymph and emotional congestion.
    • Roman Chamomile: the “caretaker” and “nurturer” – take care of yourself
    • Rosemary: encourages movement, provides oxygen to breathe through those uncomfortable moments
  • Sleep: Adequate sleep feed the mind and body, giving you the energy to move
  • Herbals: Adaptogens, Maca and Minerals are some of my favorite herbal remedies to support and activate energy to move


Want someone to help you identify where you are stuck and why, and create an action plan to get you moving?

Want to create movement in your life, health & business that builds momentum so you can achieve your goals & dreams?

Want a tried-and-true system that guides you in taking steps, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own?

I’ve got you.

Check out my Design, Align & Shine Coaching Program that helps you uncover hidden or stuck mindset blocks to unleash your inner fire. When you are connected to your purpose and passion, everything is possible. You just need the desire, a system, guide and tools to get you there.

Here how this program transformed the life of my client Brandee.

Get registered for my Design, Align & Shine Program. Your time is NOW!


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Personalize your blend!

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